Thursday, August 30, 2012

Traeger had received word that Ob was awake and already flexing his injured wing. He was playing with the children and promising to bring them all something from the lands he traveled to... Chloe clamouring up for one last kiss and hug before her grandpa left. Teri was still on his lap and Traeger hugged him as he handed him back to Laila.

When he said his goodbyes and got to his vehicle he felt a terrible sense of loss; he would miss his family... he already missed Rowan, but he had realized lately he had to go on with his life; and she just couldn't devote as much to him as he wanted of her. He needed to find his own destiny... he felt a strong pull lately.

He sat in his car and thought of Rowan; he reached out toward her... afraid to know her pain, but needing to know she would be alright... and stiffened in shock when he realized she was not alone; already another had stepped up to put a claim on her attention.

He sighed, it was just as well; many of the mercenaries were charming and handsome men, they would come and bring Rowan joy and then fade back, so she could devote herself to her work. His heart ached though; and he resolved to pick up his bags and head out tonight... it was his decision; and could not be undone.

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