Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lunar Eclipse was rocking the house. Their music was hitting all the hard groups, as well as a few eclectic bands. Music by AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Godsmack, Nox Arcana, E Nomine, Rammstein, and Iced Earth had the dance floor full and the waitresses busy.

Ike stretches out her shoulders as Monty fills her tray with her next order. She archs her back, feeling something pop slightly. The Marmurr grins at her. His fingers flex and she moans, just thinking of his hands exploring her as he works out her tight muscles.

She grins and blows him a kiss. "Later baby... I'll take you up on those talented digits."

She grabs the heavy tray and sashays through the crowd. The college crowd tonight had faces that were unfamiliar, mixed in with a liberal amount of regulars. One young man in particular kept trying to catch her eye. She sees Toby reach over and swat the back of his head. The guy stares at the young Cougar and narrows his eyes, fingers tapping the table. Ike leans over the table to place a basket of fries next to Marc. She raises a brow and the Wolf shakes his head.

"He's not obeying our rules. We'll deal with it." He gives Ike a charming smile. "Outside if need be. He can't figure out what you are and is trying to bespell you. That's what Toby took offense at."

She turns to move to another table and finds herself in Ron's arms. He has changed a lot since his close call, gaining a confidence made him less the shy fox, and more the sly one. He dances to the music and grinds a little as they turn. The blonde gargoyle moves sensually and suddenly finds Ron winking. He manipulated himself between her and the rude guy in their group. She gives him a quick kiss and moves away, swinging her hips in time with the music.

Bringing her next order to the bar, Jeb sidles up beside her. He tosses his head, glancing back at the table. Ike grins and lays a hand on the big werewolf's arm. "If there is a problem with the one who smells of brimstone, I'll let you know. The boys are policing their newcomers."

Jeb nods and heads back to settle in his accustomed place. From the entrance landing her can see nearly everything, and still man the door. he nods to a leaving couple, carding a young woman who tries to sneak by. Jeb turns her away, confiscating the fake ID. He shakes his head. Took guts... the kid's mom worked right up the street. Jeb knew the girl wasn't even eighteen yet.

Lunar Eclipse takes a break and the waitresses hustlle to fill the needs of the people returning to their tables. Ike finds herself back at the college table. She reaches across the table to get empty plates and feels a hand slide up her skirt. A low growl rises, but has yet to be audible when a deep throaty one cuts across conversations.

A long fingered hand, tipped with very sharp nails, drops on the shoulder of the person sitting next to Ike. Ty's voice is deep, nearly lost in the growl. His eyes are narrowed more than their normal almond shaping, and they are glittering with anger.

"Wilhelm. If one of us has to warn you again, you will lose something. None of the waitresses are for your pleasure. This is not YOUR home. If you try one more spell, I will personally eat your face off. Am I clear?"

The young man stares at Ty, then sneers. "She is a waitress. So what if I use a little magic on her to get some fun. I - "

Ty's hand closes around the man's throat. "You read our list of rules. You signed them. You also saw the House Rules. Using magic on a patron is not done."

The man's face is slowly turning red. "Not... patron..."

Ike lays a gently hand on Ty's arm. "Down Tony."

The Tiger raises his gaze to Ike's, never reliquishing his hold. She motions to Jeb, and Guunnar, who both have risen and are watching intently. Ty loosens his hold and raises Ike's hand to his lips. "As my Lady Valkyrie wishes."

The man stutters, coughing out the word. "Val...*cough* Valky..rie..."

Ike shakes her head. "No, Witch. It is a nickname from a glorious Viking who is a regular here. If you can't figure out what I am... Well, that is your problem. Your immediate problem is the fact that I am the owner's sister-in-law. That and you tried to use magic on people here. Are you that much of... Are you that headblind that you can't feel the Wards?"

She looks around at the silent room. "Guunnar. Sit!"

The giant lowers himself back among his cronies. She sees Dmitri slipping back into his chair as well. A group at another table is watching with interest, poised as if they would jump into the fray if needed. Ike nods at Jeb as he relaxes his stance. She shakes her head at Monty as he flicks his fingers to dispell the magic he had readied.

"Now, be a good boy, enjoy the music, enjoy the food, and behave yourself with the patrons," her voice drops into a rolling purr touched with a growl and she smiles sweetly, "and I won't eat your face off."

The man sits down slowly, watching the bombshell as she strokes his hair before walking away. His gaze follows her for a moment before he looks at his friends. "What exactly IS she?"

Toby leans back in his chair and purrs. "My dream woman."

Ron grins at him. "Dude... you can't compete with the guys that want her..."

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