Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pandora was so relieved to have her husband back; she was exhausted...but put it down to mental strain... she didn't sleep deeply with her husband gone and then injured; and her children not by her side.

Pandora wanted nothing more than to be home resting in her husband's arms; to feel the touch of his hands caressing her into the sexual desire that so consumed them when they were alone together. To have him call her his "bruha"... and take her with his strong forceful power.

She knew that Ob would want to seek their own home as soon as he established in his mind that Tanner was okay. The fleeting thought crossed her mind that now that Ob's sword had helped in his healing; would he be strong enough to call it for Tanner? Ob's whispered reply... "I'm thinking on it bruha", floated through her head followed by another hug as his arm rested around her. Only the Lord and Lady knew the extent of her love for him; he was the center of her world.

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