Thursday, August 30, 2012

Traeger sought out Pandora before he returned to town, wanting to let her know he was going ;and the reasons behind it.

"Pandora, I decided I would go to the gargoyles homelands and have clay sent back to my shop to be stored for emergencies; Ob's close call made me aware we don't have whats really needed to cure them... and I'll never see my son-in-law at risk again, you are both very close to my heart.

I am going to Ireland first; to visit where I lost your mother; I need to lay my pain to rest... then I am off to Scotland for Tori and Ike, France for Stoney,and then to Saudi Arabia for Ob. I am going to be gone for an unknown amount of time; so I have left Roxi in charge of the shop; and you will know how to reach me at all times."

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