Thursday, August 30, 2012

I beat my fears over the head with a stick until they lie still and silent. I draw in a deep breath, letting love rejuvenate me. Time enough to mourn when there's cause for it... for now I'm going to live like there's no tomorrow and squeeze every drop out of every minute we have.

 I jerk again, drawing her closer to me and kiss her, feeling the warm ache of love flow through me like warm golden honey. Her body next to mine is all the world, the smile on her face all the reason I need to live. "Hey, old man," she says with a grin. "Think you're up to that again?"

 I stretch and groan. "God, you're insatiable." I look at her, skimming her curves with true appreciation. Eira's no anorexia queen, the lady has ample curves, all in the right places. She eases her lips next to my ear and whispers, "I want you inside me again...." she nips at my earlobe, then my throat... fastens her teeth there and tugs gently while her hand glides up my wakening cock. She releases my throat and whispers again. "I want to take charge... do you mind?"

 I shake my head no and she rises to kneel above me. Her eyes are shining and her smile is like the first light of dawn, driving the darkness away. "There's something I need to say," she says seriously. I prick up my ears, my eyes searching hers. "I don't have a lot of hang-ups, Jack... if something will give you pleasure, I'll probably do it for you - so please don't hesitate to ask. I like to play... I like to try new things, to experiment... if I think of something I'd like to try, I'm going to ask you about it. Nothing - and I mean nothing - is so kinky, so out there that we can't talk about it. I love you, and I want to make you happy, in and out of bed." She grins suddenly. "So if you have a kink that's burning a hole in your pants, tell me about about it. Odds are really good that we'll give it a try...." She takes my cock in her hand, strokes me. "Mmmmmm... you felt so good in my pussy today... I want more...." She rises up, sinks down on my shaft, slowly.... "God, yes, this feels so good already... mmmmm, baby, it tasted so good when you came in my mouth... I can't wait to suck you again...." Now she lies flat on top of me, begins to move against me, her nipples hot and hard against my chest, her tongue in my mouth, taking me in fully, moaning raggedly... I pulse inside her wetness, reveling in the feel of her pussy on my cock. "I'm yours, Jack... all yours, baby...." She kisses me deeply, her tongue playing with mine, her hands moving over my chest, her hips moving, grinding against me. "Mmmmmm, I love the feel of your hard cock splitting me open..." She rises up on her knees and begins to ride me in earnest, moving up and down my shaft, moaning with delight, squeezing her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples... giving me a show while she drives me insane. Now she adds a corkscrewing motion to her hips, tightening her pussy - she has amazing muscle control! - going slowly enough that she won't set me off prematurely, just fast enough to keep me hard... I thrash beneath her, my hips stabbing upwards, my hands gripping her luscious ass.... My head is spinning with the ecstasy of it; she may have amazing control, but I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

"That's it, Jack... oh yeah, lover, fuck me, take my pussy, make it yours... anything you like, lover, just tell me what you want... God, you're so hard, you feel so good inside me, I love fucking you... oh yeah, baby, give me that dick!"

Like I have any choice in the matter... or want one...!

This slow careful fucking is making us both crazy and I can feel my control eroding... every heartbeat feels like it'll be the one when I explode inside her... she grinds hard against me, raking her clit against my throbbing cock and her control snaps. She starts slamming down on me, hard and fast. I grab her hips and fuck upward, meeting her halfway... I'm on the edge now, dizzy with need, can't hold on much longer... I feel her thighs trembling and then I explode, gushing deep into her sweet hot pussy... that seems to set her off, too, for she screams and drives down on me harder, faster, taking me to the hilt as I cum and cum again. She grinds into me, moaning and wailing and crying and cumming....

I don't remember much after that... except for the sound of applause and a familiar voice -

"Well, it's about time!"

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