Friday, August 31, 2012

Pandora ate the light supper that Monty carried up for her, Ob eating a platter of much more substantial fare. He was being so caring; and Pandora loved him for it.

When they were both done he gathered the dishes and told her...'I'm going down to fetch the little ones; I know you can feel them just as I do... and I need to free our daughter of the pain she is dealing with not knowing." He bent and kissed Pandora and  told her he'd be right back.

Obsidian saw Chloe the minute he started down the stairs; her eyes riveted on him... she ran forward and clung to his leg. Ike took the dishes he carried and he scooped up his daughter and he went to the table where the other children sat. He glanced round at Alise and Stoney, the others that made up their family unit; and he could see they read his thoughts.

"Children, I am going to tell you why Pandora and I are so sad"... the children seemed to surge as one around him, but their manner was quiet and subdued... " We were going to have a new baby; but the Goddess must have known he was sick, and she drew him back to the summerlands to wait till he is well enough to be born a baby; I bet you felt that, didn't you Tara?"... the little girl nodded. "Pandora and I already love him, so we are sad he had to leave us before we could know him."

Chloe whispered.."Will he come again papa?"... Ob hugged her and Teri, who sat on his knee... "I think perhaps he will come again; when the goddess thinks its time... till then you and Teri and all your cousins will make me and your mama very happy."

Ob stood up with Teri on his hip; "Chloe, I think if you ask Monty very nice, he will conjure up a pretty rose for you to take to mama... hurry now, lets go tell her we love her." Monty had read Ob's thoughts and handed her a vase with a beautiful pink rose... and Ob went toward the stairs carrying his son, his daughter clutching his other hand as she carried their gift.

Chloe looks back at her cousins, tugging lightly at her father's hand.

"Ma'ma is not feeling well, but is not sick. You must be good, si?" Chloe and Teri nod, the cousins slowly bob their heads. "Si... everyone can come."

He turns and leads the way, knocking just before opening the door. Pandora holds her arms out for Teri, settling him on the bed beside her. Ob helps Chloe onto the bed. He touches Stoney and Alise's thoughts, letting them know it is alright for all the children to be up with Pandora. He leans against the headboard. Absynthe perches next to his arm, butting her small head gently against his elbow.

"First, *mi nivios... no one is in trouble. We are sad because our hearts are sore." He pauses a moment."But it is a soreness that is better shared."

Ob swallows hard, tears collecting in his eyes as silent tears slip down his wife's cheeks. Chloe leans her head on her mother's breast, tears slipping down as well. Teri snuggles close, lower lip trembling. Ob doesn't need to say more. Stoney curls his arm around Alise and the children reach out, physically and mentally, to give and receive comfort.

"Ma'ma... did you name him?"

Pandora blinks, glancing at Ob. "No Gitanilla, Mamacita did not give him a name. Why?"

She looks up at her father, still curled against her mother. "He needs a name Pa'pa. He is one of us, even if the Goddess needed him back before we got to meet him. When Abuele Grace went away, you said it was because Lord Herne needed her and her name would live in our hearts. We need his name, so he can live in us too."

The dark skinned Gar glances at his wife. He can feel her deep sadness moving into a small comfort, and pride, in the children's acceptence.

"Then we must name him."

*my sweethearts

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