Friday, August 31, 2012

With their noon repast eaten; Traeger decided to look along the stream on the far side of the meadow for clay deposits; see if he gets a feel for what might belong to the girls. Erin decides to gather wild flowers and he glances at her as she bends to pick blooms, he can't help but admire her natural beauty.

Traeger lifts some clay from the stream edge and works it in his fingers,  he feels a faint bit of magick in its touch; but nothing strong enough to help one of the girls if they were hurt. He glances up the hill,following the stream as it climbs into the rocky crags above them.If he is going to find good clay; its going to be way up  there where the spring comes forth from the ground.

Erin strolled up to him and held out her flowers... "Lovely, aren't they?" He looked up into her eyes and the words just slipped out of his mouth... "Not as lovely as you are." Erin blushed; and Traeger stood and walked the few feet that separated them.... he reached out and  brushed a strand of hair from her face, his fingers lingering on her cheek as she returned his stare, and he took that as permission to bend and kiss her;  her lips were incredibly soft and he paused for a moment before kissing her more forcefully; her kiss answering his with a hunger that was probably entirely new to her.

Erin drew back, and Traeger thought perhaps he'd upset her... but she just whispered softly; 'I wasn't expecting that,and I liked it... I liked it alot."

Traeger took her hand and drew her back to the blanket in the meadow... sitting down he pulled her down beside him.'Would you mind if I kissed you again?"... Erin nodded and reached out to touch his face... eager to feel his lips on hers again.

He reached up and took her hand in his as he bent to kiss her again; they twined their hands together and the shock of electricity they'd felt before was a steady hum... he meant the kiss to be soft and seeking; but within seconds it became hot and wanting and his tongue slipped into her mouth to caress hers... and she answered him in kind... nipping at his lower lip with a touch of wantoness she'd never felt, and the steady hum that seemed  to bind them grew stronger as they responded to each other.

Traeger pressed Erin back against the blanket as he loomed above her; he caressed her face, his fingers tracing down her neck and lingering in the hollow that lead to her breasts; but uncertain if he should be that bold... and Erin reached up and took one of his hands and placed it against her breast; he could feel the rigid nipple just beneath the fabric and his thumb caressed the tip as he heard her draw in a breath.

He kissed her again, this time with more pressure and lust; and she moaned at his touch as he continued to caress her nipple... and he took his hand and sank it beneath the fabric of her blouse; cupping her breast and squeezing, rubbing her nipple between his thumb and finger... listening to the purr in her throat.

Traeger drew back, but just enough to unbutton her blouse and free her breasts; and then he bent to suckle at one of the rose crested mounds.

Erin seemed overwhelmed with the sensations he was producing in her; and she was seeking some heat of her own... she pulled at his shirt until it was loose and she could run her hands up and down his chest, the light frosting of hair exciting her... the feel of his hard muscles calling to something in her.

His lips found hers again; and while their tongues danced he caressed and kneaded her breasts until they felt on fire with sensation. Traeger was so worked up it took a moment when he pulled away; to reason with himself; and in that moment he also had the sensation someone was watching them; he was careful not to alert Erin; not wanting to frighten or embarress her,  but thinking that if they were going to become more involved... perhaps they should return to the Inn.

He scanned the area around them without seeing anything, but murmured to Erin... "perhaps if we find this enjoyable we should go somewhere more private to explore these new sensations." He kissed her again and she agreed it was getting late... but she knew she was anxious to get through dinner and then perhaps explore more kisses with this mystery man who had suddenly become much more important to her.

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