Friday, August 31, 2012

Traeger lay back after his call ended...his heart was breaking for his daughter, the family; but he knew they were strong because they had each other.

Try as he might sleep would not return, and he lay there listening to the sounds of the inn waking around him. The cow lowed; milking time... and he heard the sounds of bowls and pans in the kitchen, comforting homey sounds.

Traeger's mind regressed to last night. Erin and he had returned to the Inn and enjoyed a pleasant supper and a stroll in the gardens... they had kissed, and yes; the bond that called them was surely there, but they had sat and talked and Traeger had told her it wasn't time yet... he wanted a special place; somewhere more private and Erin had understood. He bristled with anticipation and was determined to put together the special time for them soon.

Today they returned to the hills; he was determined to climb up and find the place among the crags where he thought the special clay might be for the girls... and perhaps he would cross paths with whatever he had felt watching them.

Traeger dressed and went downstairs; arranging for horses to ride today... it would be enough work climbing the rocks, he'd save them the steps getting from the inn to the hills beyond... and he knew Erin enjoyed riding.

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