Thursday, August 30, 2012

My heart gives a leap when I see Eira come out of the terminal. Other parts sit up and take notice, too.

She's evidently been getting some sun, even of the northern variety; her tan is about two shades darker than it was when she left, displayed to best advantage by shorts and a tank top. I watch and admire before I remember that I'm here to pick her up. This takes a while... no one ever said  I was quick on the uptake. She's looking decidedly miffed, so I approach from behind and take her by surprise.

The embrace and kiss that follows takes me by surprise. I disentangle myself reluctantly and pack Eira's stuff away in my truck, followed by Eira herself.

 Going home - home! - I have trouble keeping my eyes on the road.

Once we're inside, I dump her suitcase on the couch and gather her into my arms for a real kiss. This one is longer and hotter and altogether more intense than the one at the airport. Of course there's no one here to watch and criticize my technique....

"Nice tan," I murmur against her throat.

"Mmmmmm - oh, that's nice, Jack! - Sibyl has a pair of balconies that get the midday sun... Jeanette and I used to sunbathe there in the afternoon."

"Uh-huh... how extensive is this tan, anyway?"

She gives me an impish look. "Why, all over, Mr. Stone... would you like to see?"

When I imagined this moment, I was thinking slow and sensuous... lots of necking as we undress each other slowly.

In actual fact, it's more like a Weight Watchers group stranded at Baskin-Robbins. The kissing is hot and feverish, hands tugging clothes up, down, to the side - any way and every way to get to the bare flesh beneath. I have just enough time to appreciate that Eira's tan does indeed go all over, then she's plastered tight against me, her mouth seeking mine, our tongues intertwining, hands gliding over each other, no holds barred. We overbalance, fall onto the bed - which is where we were headed anyway... Eira lands on top of me and she grinds hard against me. "I want you, Jack," she murmurs between kisses. "Dammit, I want you inside me right now!"

That's my cue to roll over suddenly, pinning her wrists with my hands, holding her down with my weight. "You'll have me," I promise, grinning sadistically, "but you're going to have to wait for it."

 "Oh, HELL, no!," Eira cries. "I've waited too long already!"

I stop her mouth with a kiss... then another, and another. I tease my mouth over her temples, licking along the curve of an ear... tasting her throat, then taking it in my teeth, biting gently. She grinds against me, her hips undulating beneath me... "Close your eyes," I command. "Lie still. Enjoy...."

She makes a visible effort to control herself. I loosen my grip on her wrists, ready to clamp down again if need be. My lips and tongue move upward, over the slope of a golden breast, moving toward a hard swollen nipple... I take it between my lips and lick lazily, lingeringly... tasting her. I suck gently and she groans and her hips move sweetly against me... I take it between my teeth, nip at her... I tighten my teeth and tug, stretching her taut, lapping... Her eyes are tight shut, her moans soft. Her legs move farther apart as I move to the other breast, licking and sucking and biting, leaving marks... "Oh god, Jack, please, please... no more, don't make me wait any more, please lover...." I kiss my way down her belly, swirl my tongue in her navel, lick along the outside of her hip. She writhes beneath me as I kiss her thighs, moving upward again toward her dripping center. My nostrils flare at the primal scent of her and then my lips meet hers, just touching and pulling away... and again, my tongue snaking out, outlining her glistening lips, tasting her for the first time... She opens herself to my mouth and I lick and tease and suck unhurriedly, exploring her inmost recesses. She moans unintelligibly as I probe for her G-spot, glide my tongue along it with torturous slowness. Higher, ever higher... until my breath caresses her clit. She cries out then, her hips jerk, and I seize her clit, suck it hard, lash it mercilessly with my tongue. Her voice is gibberish, not one word in ten an actual word. I slip two fingers inside her, finger-fuck her hard while I assault her clit. She screams - again - catches her breath and builds to another climax. My fingers glide along her G-spot as I suck on her clit, bringing her higher higher higher. She screams lustily as she cums again. I go to my knees and thrust deep; her eyes go wide and her hips slam jerkily into mine as I fuck her hard and fast and deep. She whips her legs around my back pulling me in deeper, deeper... I kiss her hard, grinding my hips against hers, thrusting deep. She cums again, her body thrashing uncontrollably... I let go my control and cum explosively, filling her pussy with my juices. It sets her off again, which sets me off again and I blast deep inside her twice more before the passion releases us and we lie still, wrapped around each other....

Her voice is rough like suede when she speaks again. "I owe you for that, Mr. Stone...."

My voice is muffled, my mouth busy with hers. "I'll look forward to payback...."

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