Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rowan smiles as she looks at herself in the mirror. She had changed out of her well worn jeans and put on a soft cotton paisley skirt in shades of blue and turquoise. A dark turquoise tank top flattered her figure and her hair, which she left down and only pulled back the front in small braids. She adds ear rings and adjusts her necklace, the silver goddess pendant that she is never without.

She take a deep breath trying to quell the butterflies she is feeling in her stomach.

Never one for a lot of make up, Rowan moves closer to her mirror and adds mascara, a little blush and lip gloss. She steps back and looks at herself again.

Oh for the love of... whats the matter with you? You are acting worse than a 16 year old on her first date.... 

But the next thought of ….I wonder if he will kiss me again... has her laughing to herself as she grabs her sandals and purse and heads downstairs to wait for Marc on her front steps.

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