Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rowan smiles as she leans back in her chair and stretches the kinks out of her back. She was used to getting up early, but today she was at the manse before sunrise.

She was pleased with Tannrs progress. The wound looked better than she expected, she had taken the IV out and Tori helped him shower. The remains of breakfast were on a nearby tray and all that actually remained were the dishes, looking as if they had been licked clean. A new dressing applied and Rowan starts to pick up her supplies.

“You look about a thousand times better.... any pain?” Tannr grins, “I feel pretty good. Only hurts when I am walking around or if I forget and try to lay on that side..”

Rowan knew he was down playing how bad the pain could be and the frown on Toris face verified those feelings.

“Okay. How do you feel about going home later tonight?”

Toris head snaps up before Tannr can answer. “Home? Is he ready do you think?”

“YES!” Tannr replies loudly, making both women laugh.

Rowan nods, “I think so. As long as you dont mind me stopping over daily to check on things. And as long as you take it over-doing....if you re-injure anything you will end up at my place. A fate worse than death or so I have been told.” Rowan grins but continues, “Seriously, Tannr. Broken ribs take time, that wound is still susceptible to infection and the pain meds will make you tired. Your finacee needs to rest too, not worry about you doing something that you arent suppose to...”

She looks at Tori, who looks better then last week, but still tired and pale. “As long as you both follow my conditions...”

Tori grins evilly, “Dont worry. If he doesnt behave I will get some duct tape and tape his ass to the bed...”

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