Friday, August 31, 2012

Pandora enjoyed the evening as much as the rest of the family... the gargoyles played part of the time and then let the college crowd enjoy the younger band.

The family gathered round their familiar table exchanging banter and stories; the couples enjoying a little grab-assing under the table amid glances promising much more when the evenings festivities ended.

Pandora was still yearning for more time with Obsidian; everytime they parted it was as if part of her very soul were lost. He was doing well with his healing, but she watched his face when he was not aware she was around. He still felt enough pain he grimaced on occasion; and then stiffened up to conceal his discomfort.

The children had been put to bed hours before... and she could tell from Tannr's demeanor he was tapped out and needed home...Tori was dragging him to his feet as she watched; anxious to get to the loft.

Alise and Stoney had their regular tavern room; a change of pace tonight from the forced crowding at the cottage while they watched the kids. It was a night when all the couples could relax and have free time to themselves... and the lustful glances bespoke what most of them would do when they reached their rooms.

Pandora walked toward the stairs with Ob's arm tight around her waist; as Ike and Monty shut down the lights and started undressing each other, on their way to bed... "Get a room !" Ob snickered as they started up the stairs.

Pandora wanted to make love to Ob in her own way this night... she undressed him as he stood beside the bed... then pushed him down to recline and watch as she removed her clothes for him. She slipped each piece of clothing down her body with a sensuous flow that had Ob rock hard as he watched her movements.

Naked now; she drew her hands up through her hair and let it tumble down ... her hands drifting down to cup her breasts, slip down the soft swell of her stomach to her mound... her hand softly parting her legs as she rubbed herself.... her lips parting with pleasure as she hit the nub of her clit... she rubbed harder, moaning as she got hotter ...

Ob was kneeling now; unable to still himself from watching her as she stroked between her legs... his own hand gliding down the length of his huge cock as he imagined himself thrusting into her.

He rose and grabbed her hips, pulling her forward till he could reach her... and sat down on the bed edge... his big hand replacing hers as he stroked her... his other hand caressed her breast and he bent to suckle from her, his teeth gently nipping and tugging at her nipple. Pandora moaned louder... spreading her legs to give him more access and he slipped two of his fingers into her, moving them quickly... listening to her panting grow stronger as he thrust in and out, soon he felt her getting ready to cum; her muscles spasming around him as she relaxed against him.

Ob lifted her and laid her on the bed; he slipped her legs up on his shoulders and bent down to torture her clit and cunt with his tongue... he held her still by her buttocks... his hands spreading her wide so he could tease her further. Ob unfurled his tail, the appendage as agile as his other body parts... and he set to work fucking her with his tail while his teeth and tongue worked on her slit and clit. Pandora was grasping the bedsheets, lifting herself higher with each thrust from his tail, right into the sucking lips that chewed at her clit... she came... and whimpered... and came again.

Finally Obsidian could wait no longer and he released her so she could sink back on the bed.... only so he could let her watch him as he stroked his mighty organ in anticipation of fucking her... her eyes were full of lust as she watched him stroke; and she whimpered again, and he knew it was anticipation....

Ob lifted her hips and thrust swiftly into her ready cunt, and she sighed his name... and he thrust harder and harder.... "Bruha, there is no other like you, my love," he whispered to her as he climbed higher and higher... taking her with him... until they climaxed as one; her muscles wringing every bit of sperm from him ... and together they lay entwined and drifted to sleep.

Pandora was sotted with pleasure by last night's sex; happy Obsidian was home; but the queasy stomach she'd had off and on has not left her.She is having some cramping and thinks this is going to be one of the rare bad periods she always hears other women speak of.  In fact today she is thinking of staying in bed awhile; Ob has already gone to stone outside the patio door... and the nanny has the kids well in hand.  Monty is fixing her toast and chamomile tea.

Monty knocks and enters... "Hey, Pan... here's your tray. I included some fresh honey to spread on that toast, you'll feel better in no time." He puts it on the table by the patio door. Pandora smiles up at him gratefully.... "just a little female trouble I think, cramps. This is so out of character for me... sorry to be a bother." Monty gives her his impish smile... "You have never been a bother; you ask for less then most women I've known, and I've lived several hundred years." Pandora can't help smiling at his compliment... "Well, you scoot back downstairs, I can handle this."

The toast covered in the sweet honey is just what she needed; and she sits sipping her tea and contemplating what she will work on for Chloe's next lesson.

The cramping has not subsided... and she decides a good warm shower will relax her... stripping off her robe she steps into the warm stream and lets it slide down her body; soaping herself she glances down and is alarmed to see blood washing down the drain. A hard spasm of pain hits her groin, and she turns to sit on the small built in shower seat. Several cramps hit hard... and she has the sensation of expelling something; her mind races frantically as she realizes what is happening... and reaching down she catches the small fetus in her hand....

The soft stream of shower water washes the blood from the object laying in her hand; and she softly strokes the small body... it occurs to her instantly that this babe was a product of Ob's daemon driven lovemaking; the night they found out the Drow priestess was set on kidnapping a gar child. Quickly masking her thoughts she looks down at her son; the fetus is further developed than you would expect for the time that has passed since that night... but she knows how much faster the gar children develop.  His tiny body is perfect in every way... although she can barely see that scales are beginning to develop along his shoulders; his face brings tears to her eyes; for it is reptilian... the visage of a small dragon... truly the daemon's child. Pandora knows how Ob dreads his daemon side; and this would surely stop him from wanting more children .Her heart is wrenched, for this is part of her and Ob... and for whatever reason, the gods saw fit to take him back to Summerland before he walked upon this earth.

Pandora struggles to concentrate on seeing him as a babe and not a dragon, for Ob is bound to be picking up her feelings of distress... and she focuses on the thought that they have lost a son... she has miscarried. She takes him and wraps him gently in a clean washcloth; leaving him in the bath while she quickly towels dry and dresses. She decides she will bury him in the garden outside, and rummages through a drawer to find a beautiful handkerchief her mother had given her long ago... edged with lace and embroidered with Celtic symbols. This would be a fitting shroud for their son. She quickly wrapped the tiny body in the soft fabric,and holding it against her body she slipped into the garden.

Pandora picks up the little garden trowel she keeps in a box by the patio door; and moves to her favorite rose bush... she feels Ob caress her mind... "Bruha, mi amour"... she sends back to him "I am alright, but I want to put our son to rest while the children are occupied elsewhere."

Pandora picks a spot in the rose bed and digs a hole to hold the tiny child, cradling the small bundle in her other arm, her back is to Ob and he cannot see... so she draws back the handkerchief and leans down to kiss the tiny face; quickly covering him again and laying him gently in the hole against the roses roots. "My son, you may not see the sun shine.. but know your parents love you, and the warmth of the sun and our love will always shine on you." Pandora works quickly to bury the babe, and brings some fresh mulch to spread among the plants so the burial spot is no longer visible.

Pandora turns from the grave after asking the goddess to keep him in her care; and walks to Obsidian's still stone form.She throws her arms around the warm rough stone and begins to sob; Ob's soft whispers reassuring her that it is alright, they will have other children when it is time... he loves her beyond reason and her tears break his heart. There is a grinding noise, a shifting of stone dust, and Ob's granite arms gently lift her onto his lap. Finally her crying subsides and she sits quietly in the curve of his arms, feeling his mental caresses on her face... his gentle tender words, and she is lulled into sleep.

Pandora awakens to Obsidian carrying her into the bedroom; it is late afternoon... and the shadows grow long in the garden. "You are up early" she whispers... he leans to kiss her tenderly and says.."you needed me, bruha, and I am here." Ob sets her gently on the bed and helps her undress while a warm shower runs... together they bathe; Ob gently soaping her body and applying kisses to make her giggle. Pandora puts on the soft cotton dress Ob brings from the closet and he brushes through her shining black locks before kissing the back of her neck and declaring her ready... "Thank you my Josephito"... he grins and swoops her up ... "lets go see what our children have been up to today; before the hired help all quit on us."

Ob descends the stairs to the excited shouts of Chloe and Teri as they make their way to their parents.

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