Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rowan enters her house and breathes a huge sigh of relief. Her home in the woods had always been her refuge. She lit the candles at her altar and knew that her prayers would help center her and help her sort through her emotions.

She prayed for forgiveness, hoping Traeger would find comfort in his travels. She prayed that Pandora would forgive her and keep in touch, she would miss Teri and Chloe if she decided to distance herself.

Blowing out the candles and moving to the kitchen Rowans stomach starts to growl. She checks the frig and wrinkles her nose. Moving around the kitchen, she starts to empty her pockets on the table. Car keys, credit card, cell phone, pieces of paper with notes and lists, gloves, a pen, a case from a syringe. Suddenly she stops and looks down at a crumpled piece of paper with a phone number scrawled on it.

Marc... should I call? Or was he just trying to be nice? He might be in the middle of something.. I'm sure there are plenty of young women at the Tavern that would be more than interested in him...

Rowan picks up her cell and stares at it. Taking a deep breath she punches in the number. She almost hangs up, nerves getting the better of her, but then she hears, “Hello, this is Marc.”

Rowan smiles as they exchange hellos and what have you been doings. Rowan had answered with, “Oh nothing much, just work...”

Marc had overheard a bit at the Tavern, news travels fast in a bar among the regular patrons and asks “So how are you really?”

Rowans voice chokes and she decides to go for broke, telling Marc about her week. She added, “And to top it all off, I am starving, there isnt a damn thing to eat and I am too tired to go anywhere.”

“Hey... things will get better. Tell me where you live. I'll bring dinner to you..”

“Would you really? That would be wonderful...”

“Do you like Chinese?” Marc asks.

“I love it...” Rowan smiles and tells Marc how to get to her house.

After hanging up she takes a few minutes to wash her face and put on a clean t-shirt. She runs a comb through her long red hair and ties it back in a loose ponytail. Moving back to the kitchen she straightens up, sets out plates and silverware.

Soon there is a light knock at the door and Marc arrives, bags in hand.

 “Ohhh... that smells so good... thank you so much.”

“No problem. Next time I will take you out for a real dinner.” Marc smiles as he pulls the take out boxes from the bags.

The pair fill their plates and eat with gusto, Rowan enjoying trying some new dishes. They visit as if they had been friends forever. Rowan telling him about her week and how scared she had actually been for Tannr, not sure that her skills would be enough to pull him through. When she got to Traeger her voice broke a little, her feelings of regret plain to see.

“I just hope his family doesnt blame me... I really had no intention of hurting anyone. I thought he understood about my work, how important it is to me... maybe we just misunderstood each other...”

Marc reaches across the table and lightly runs a finger across Rowans cheek. “Well I for one, think the man is crazy. I would treasure any little bit of time you could spare for me. You are so beautiful...”

Rowan grins, “For an old woman..?”

“You are a beautiful woman, for any age.”


Marc grins and nods.

“Okay... I mean, thank you..” Rowan blushing at feeling so flustered.

Laughing Marc stands, “Let me help clean up..”

“Wow. Helping out too? How did I get so lucky?”

Making short work of cleaning up Rowan then grabs a bottle of wine and two glasses. “We could sit outside..”

The night was warm and clear, the stars bright in a sea of black. Rowan leans back on the steps and sighs, finally relaxing. “You have no idea how much better I feel. I'm glad I called..”

“I am too...”

The pair sit for some time, talking about their work, their lives, enjoying the night and the closeness growing between them.

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