Thursday, August 30, 2012

“Hey! Have you ever been to a real speakeasy? I mean, back in the day...” Raina asks Nick the second he wakes and enters their bedroom.

Nick grins, used to Rainas bluntness and knowing she would have a reason for the question.

“Is this a dig at my age?” Nick ducks the flying pillow. “Okay. Yes, a time or two. Why?”

“Why did you go?”

 “It was prohibition. I wanted a drink.”

“Just a drink...or was it the women?”

 “You are full of the questions tonight. Whats going on in that head of yours? And dont tell me nothing, I know better.” Nick sits on the bed with Raina and kisses her forehead.

“Well... I was reading some of the paperwork that came with the files for the house. That and some stuff that Tori dug up for me on the internet. Apparently, one of the owners, a madame, would have these 'entertainments'. She was arrested a couple of times but it seems a lot of people attended her 'soirees'. I thought it would be fun to do something similar...we could have a party... kind of like the ones they used to have here...”

Nick nods absently, his first thought that Raina always threw great parties and then the words started to sink in.

“You mean...not just any party, you want hookers here or an orgy or what? God in heaven, Ky will be absolutely ecstatic when she hears this.” Nick starts to laugh. “What am I going to do with you? And just who do you think will come to this 'party'?

Raina joins in the laughter, feeling good to just be happy after the last couple of months. “It would have to be invitation only and I think I would just ask people. That way no one can get a hold of a printed one and claim they were invited. And no, no hookers and no full out orgy unless we set aside a room for that.. that actually might work. Its more of a 'anything goes' party. Lots of good drinks, good food, open minded friends...We could set up different areas with different kinds of toys and playthings. ..”

“You really have given this some thought havent you?” Nick grins. Raina never ceases to amaze him in one way or another.

Raina stands and takes Nicks hands in hers. “I have.. I wonder if Ky and Gareth have any ideas... lets go start supper. We can discuss this over some food and a bottle of wine...”

Raina laughs uproariously at the looks on Ky and Gareths faces. Both being fae they didnt see the need or desire for a party of this type. Sex was a much more open and freer topic among their races, especially so among the Wyldfae. If everyone wanted to get together and have sex no one would question it or think twice. But once Raina started to explain Gareth started to warm up to the idea.

“Maybe we can just set things up in the ballroom..” Raina starts thinking out loud. Gareth shakes his head, “If you want to keep things feeling intimate, thats way too big of a room. I think we can use the living room and dining room for your 'areas'. If we set the bar room up for drinks, and a small buffet in the kitchen, there should be plenty of room. We can even use the patio if the weather is nice enough.”

Several ideas were discussed, some Raina made a mental note about and some she discarded. By the time the kitchen was cleaned up Raina had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to do. She was excited to tell Alise about it, even though she wasnt sure what kind of reaction she would get from her friend. Raina decides to call Alise and see if she is at the Tavern...

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