Friday, August 31, 2012

Tannr knew all that was going on through Ob. He showered and dressed slowly, the pain in his hip picking now of all times to act up. By the time Tori was awake, he was almost ready to go.

“You heard?” she asks, tears in her eyes.

Tannr nods and pulls her close, knowing this would bring back memories for her even though it wasnt quite the same. “Come here, Red...” He holds her close, offering what comfort he can.

“Your hip... if you want to stay here everyone would understand...”

“No, I want to go. Ob and Pandora are my family now too. Maybe a shot or two of whiskey or something will help...” Tannr says.

In less than an hour the couple is at the tavern and headed up the stairs to the families apartment.

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