Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tori's eyes focus inward. A small smile touches her lips. Keon waits quietly, watching the clearing until Tori closes her eyes.

 "If last time is anything to go by, Tannr could touch you in Underdark. It was weak, but he could. Your commitment to each other is stronger. You can touch much easier." He lays a gentle hand on her shoulder. "You will know if anything happens."

Tori nods. "I know." She smiles. "Stoney says i better get back. Tomas is ready to come get me."

Keon nods. "Guunnar and I will stay here. Pike, can you get Tori back to the clearing before Tomas decides to sneak off to follow us."

Pike grins. He takes Tori's hand and taps his staff to the ground. One moment they are standing next to Keon, the next just out of site of the clearing where everyone had met. Tori stumbles, catching her balance. Pike laughs and starts jogging down the trail. Tori shakes her head and follows. Moments later Tori finds herself stumbling, just barely catching her nephew as he wings himself into her arms.

"Tante Tori! Next time I go too! I keep you safe. I promised. Don't make me break a promise!"

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