Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ramji grins, a sight that is no longer a rare occurrence. Laila smiles at Raina. "Keon and Stoney showed us a few videos. If you think about it, I am surprised none of us saw it earlier." At Raina's frown, Ramji continues.

"Alise and Stoney were so concerned that Gracie wasn't showing a gift, while the twins and Chloe's came early." Raina nods. "In the videos, it is Gracie who seems to know what everyone is saying. The others seem a little confused at first, Gracie doesn't. It is only after she gets that faraway look they all get when they merge minds, that the others seem to know what is being said."

Monty walks over, bouncing Teri on his hip while Pandora helps with the s'mores. "I speak to her in my native tongue as well. Speaking Spanish is well enough. She can pick up that listening to Ob and his family. But I use colloquial terms only Mamurr use... She knows exactly what I say."

He watches Gracie as she holds her s'more out of the reach of Lobo. She yips at the wolf and her tail droops. Teri gurgles and claps his hands. Gracie grabs a graham cracker from the pile and brings it over to her cousin. She shakes her head at him. "No, Teri. No choklit. But you can have a cracker." She lets him pick it from her sticky fingers and winks at him, then skips back to the fire. Teri looks after Gracie, then sticks the chocolate and marshmallow smeared cracker into his mouth. Ramji laughs. "That little *smrdljivac."


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