Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drai watches the merc leave, a scowl on his face, wanting to throttle the larger man and not really knowing why. Ky throws a leg over her brothers. “Better think before you act. We are guests here and you dont want Chiara to think we are wild savages do you?” Her teasing tone just irritates Drai all the more and he roughly pushes her leg off of his. “We are savages as far as the other fae are concerned....and most of the humans too...” “Well you dont have to go out of your way to prove it.” Ky leans close and lowers her voice. “I doubt if he said anything that important or personal to her. She's been alone a long time the way it sounds, she probably blushes at a casual compliment.”

Drai takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. “I dont know why I feel protective of her and her son. You're right, its pointless, she will never look twice at me, but I cant help the way I feel.” “She might if you'd get a haircut and clean up and stop acting like a randy throushke..” she says, referring to a creature from the Unformed Plane, infamous for its licentious behavior... It's said that a throushke deprived of a mate of its own species will attempt to mate with any other creature of a similar size; and lacking any other option, will then attempt to mate with itself. Thanks to an unusually flexible spine - and both male and female sex organs - it almost succeeds nine times out of ten.

Instead of teasing back as Ky expected, Drai is silent, thoughtful. He watches Chiara with the other women, then stands suddenly, pulling Ky up with him. “Lets go talk to Tannr and see what he has planned for the Drow.”

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