Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pandora feels Ob's caress and his whispered.."I will miss you my Bruha"... and feels his change and the dragon in charge.

She has no real worries about Ob defending himself; but she knows he would put himself on the line for others... and prays to the Goddess it will not come to that.

She can feel Tori too, she knows that she wanted to be there till the last second to watch Tanner pass through into the Fae kingdom... and she knows Keon will make sure she goes no further.

Tannr had encouraged the women to try and get Tori involved in wedding planning to help her pass the time; and Pandora was really anxious to see what Tori was envisioning for her wedding attire... she knew it would be something off the wall and totally Tori.

If it was something that she needed custom made she knew Alise's flying fingers would make it special; especially now that Chiara was there to add her sewing expertise.

Pandora sighed, sewing was not her strong point; but she could crochet beautifully and it would be a good idea to start a shawl for Tori's wedding day... the affair was sure to stretch into the evening,and she had some beautiful cotton thread to make a special gift.

Pandora was in the garden, it was early... she had watched Ob soar into the air; and then couldn't bring herself to return to the house. Monty was up as well, the man slept very little... and he had just set a tray on the garden table and bowed and gave her a grin as he left. She lifted the teapot lid and smelled Earl Grey... how did he know that she was craving the aroma of the herbs that welled up to greet her nostrils...? she poured a cup and laced it with thick honey and wandered among her plants. Her roses were a favorite,and in particular one that started in the middle with delicate pink and ended up with almost magenta on its edges. The leaves were just greening up, and soon small buds would grace the plants.

Pandora stood near the roof edge and her mind played with ideas... she knew that Teri was going to love it up here; but she had no illusions that the word "NO" would stop him from getting in danger. She decided to talk with Obsidian when he returned about having a wrought iron fencing put around the garden's exterior to prevent the children from getting too near the edge.

Chloe was actually not a big worry now that her and Tomas were flying regularly; she could take to the air if she fell, but Teri showed no signs of developing wings like his sister. His bumps on his forehead did show signs of developing into horns; but with the shock of dark hair curly like his father he could easily keep them hidden from the view of most.

Pandora sat and watched the sun start its ascent... her teacup perched on her lips.

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