Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eira sighs as she opens her suitcase and starts to unpack. She hadnt really expected to miss Jack so much and so soon.

Her mind slips back over the events of the day, saying goodbye to Jack at the airport, the flight to Boston and meeting Sibyl and Saint. Sibyls favorite cab driver had approached her as she was claiming her luggage and asked if she was the girl Sibyl was waiting for. Eira smiled and nodded and was soon introduced to Sibyl and her dog Saint. As Eira shook her hand she was surprised at the slim still beautiful woman before her. Were you expecting the wicked witch? Whats the matter with you? You should know better than that by now... Sibyl chatted on the ride through Boston, telling Eira about the shops, her house, the proximity to the beach. Noticing Eiras quietness, Sibyl asks, “I take it there is someone you are missing...”

“There is...but how did you...” Eira is puzzled, not thinking she had given herself away so easily. “The sigh when I mentioned the beach. I remember those days, the walks on the beach, the moonlight...” Sibyl sighs herself then takes a deep breath. “Well, we will just have to keep you busy. I assume you have one of those fancy phones so you can keep in touch?”

“I do. And I am looking forward to all you can teach me. Jack has helped me some, explaining what I was seeing...”

“So his name is Jack? The grave digger?”

On the ride to Sibyls house the two women talked and became acquainted. Eira found herself genuinely liking Sibyl and enjoying their conversation. Eira watched out the window as the cab pulled off the main road and onto a long drive. At the end stood a tall two story house, colorful flowers outlining the stone path, worn smooth over the years, the porch light on, although it wasnt quite dark yet. As Eira stepped out of the cab she could smell the sharp tang of the ocean air. I wish Jack were here...

Her thoughts fade as she settles in her room. The bed is large and cushy, covered with a flowered spread and theres a small desk with an antique reading lamp and office chair. Eira sets her laptop case on it and notices the stack of books. One on hauntings and a couple about mediumship. She moves to the window and opens the curtains. The moon is huge and from her window she can see the ocean, dark and mysterious in the moonlight...

Downstairs Sibyl takes seat in the living room and Saint rests his head in her lap. Sibyl scratches the dogs ears and quietly says, “I think she will do fine. She is missing her love, and we know what thats like, dont we?” Saint whimpers softly as if understanding his mistress' words. Sibyl stands and heads to the kitchen, “Lets make some tea for our guest and help her to feel at home...”

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