Sunday, May 27, 2012

Drai and Ky edge a little away from the group. Ky looks more worried now than she did before, her forehead wrinkling in thought. She gives Drai a shove when he starts to tease.

“I'm worried about you......she....”, her head tips toward Lily, “might blow you all to smithereens and laugh her ass off about it.”

“Nah...Lily's cool. A little, I dont know, over zealous maybe. But she knows her stuff.”

“Do you know why she joined Tannrs group? Or where she comes from? She isnt fully human..” Ky asks quietly.

Drai grins, enjoying having information that his sister doesnt. “I'm not sure where she came from or how she came to join the mercs, but maybe I can find out.. Its rumored that her father was a chaos imp, not sure about the mother, but she doesnt look fae...”

Ky nods. “Thats explains the explosion thing, she would feed off that energy and the pandemonium afterwards...”

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