Sunday, May 27, 2012

Early morning finds Raina sipping coffee on the front porch of the cabin with Star. Ky is pacing, not sure about this plan of Tannrs either, but not wanting to worry Raina or argue with her brother. When Drai joins the group Ky hands him a small leather pouch containing her darts.

“Dont stick yourself...” Ky teases and Drai rolls his eyes.

Raina looks up as two people pass through the gate and into the clearing. She watches as Marc greets Keon and Erik and introduces his companion.

Star steps out onto the porch carrying a squirming Ru and holding Mera by the hand. “Who is that?” She asks, looking to where Erik stands near the gate.

Drai looks up and smiles. “Oh ..thats Lily...”

“She doesnt look like a crazy person that enjoys blowing things up...” Raina muses out loud. She watches as Marc brings her towards the porch and starts to introduce her to the group. Raina senses that Lily is not fully human but cant pinpont what it is thats different about her. Exchanging a glace with Ky tells her she feels the 'otherness' too. Lily is a small woman by human standards but larger than most fae women. Her dark hair is shaggy and unkempt, her clothes torn in places, her leathers worn.

Not unexpected given she is living and working with a group of mercenaries. Where the hel did Tannr find her? Raina resolves to ask her brother when he returns. When she meets Lily she notices the notebook clutched in one hand. The page open to a drawing of the entrance to Underdark, a series of numbers in the margins of the page with arrows pointing to various points on the drawing.

Raina shakes Lily's hand and nods towards the notebook, “Plans?”

The grin Lily gives is chilling, causing the entire group to fall silent and motionless.

“Oh yes! It will be a glorious explosion..”

Rainas smile freezes in place.... Damn...maybe she is a little nuts....

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