Sunday, May 27, 2012

Late that night, Tannr sits in the window of his room over the stables. He hadnt seen Tori since she stormed out of the tavern and took to the sky. He checked the gallery and her place before he went to the cabin. The street kids said they hadnt seen her, but Tannr was positive their loyalty was with her and not with himself so much. He came to the stables, not sure that she wanted him at her place or even wanted to see him. As he watched the crescent moon move across the sky his thoughts wandered. He could remember the first time he saw her as if it were yesterday. The way her face lit up when he gave her the serpent necklace. Her being speechless when he proposed to her. As he sighs, he hears a noise on the stairs. He holds his breath until he sees Tori, walking silently towards the bed. He watches as she looks at the empty bed and her shoulders slump realizing that he isnt in it. Tannr lets his breath out getting her attention. Their eyes meet and Tannr holds his arms out.

“Come here, Red.”

Tori climbs on the window sill and sits in Tannrs lap. She brings her knees up and curls into his chest as his arms wrap around her and hold her close.

“I'm sorry...” Toris voice chokes.

“Shhh....its all right Red. I understand. You're here now, thats all that matters.”

“Still love me?” She asks quietly.

“More than ever...always...”

Tori nods. “Okay...I cant make a promise to you when I dont know if I can keep it... I wouldnt know how to keep it if anything … went wrong...”

Tannr nods, trying to gather his thoughts. He knew that he would feel the same way if things were reversed. Nothing on earth or anywhere else for that matter would keep him from Tori if she needed him.

“But you do know Ardara would do anything to get you back? Even use me as bait if she caught me, which she wont, but I want you to realize this. She would stop at nothing...”

Tori leans back and looks into his eyes, her own still swimming with tears. She nods slowly.

“And what if you are pregnant? We havent been using anything for protection for how long?”

Toris eyes go wide, “I dont think I...”

Tannr interrupts her, “Just think... what if.... You know how bad she wants a gargoyle child.....And theres the street kids, they need you. And your nieces and nephews. And you know you have to help keep an eye on Tomas. If he were to get wind of the slightest thing not going according to plan I can just see him sneaking off the second he isnt being watched...”

Tori sighs, “He would. He loves you and he is very protective of those he cares about. He would want to help...”

“And we cant allow that. Ardara wants one of the kids. They have to be kept safe...You know what the Drow would do to him. It would be unbearable.. and Alise...” Tannr shakes his head.

"You've made your point. But promise me. Coppertop... Promise me. You won't do something that will put you in Her hands. I will come after you if that... bitch has you. If she gets her ... I'll come after you."

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