Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I glide through the forest, one shadow among many - and just as quiet. I flatter myself that no human eye could follow my progress; then again, human eyes may not be what I have to contend with....

Tannr is right where he said he'd be, his hair as visible as a campfire. I ghost up to him on little cat feet and drop my dagger alongside his throat. "Peek-a-boo," I say sweetly. "You're getting old and fat, mon capitan. I could never have pulled this off in the old days."

Tannr turns to face me. "You think so?," he says with a smile - and then an arrow skims so close as to tickle my ass with the fletching. I grin and clap him on the back "C├ęst bon! An ambush for an ambush! Ah, I've missed you, Tannr. Tell me about this suicide mission you have in mind."

"Come on over and meet the people you'll be helping. It'll make more sense then."

 "Lead the way, oh ancient one."

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