Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pandora only has eyes for Obsidian this night; she watches as he tucks the children in... giving each special attention, and  her heart swells again with her love for this man. He knows tomorrow when he wakens they will be heading out; there will be no time to share with the little ones as he does now... and he is imprinting a happy memory in his mind and theirs.

When they return to the tavern room it is only minutes before Tori and Tannr have an argument... everyone is on edge... and they rush from the room. Pandora and Ob both feel the emotions Tori is emitting... and Tannr knows her fear...

Ob looks into Pandora's eyes and draws her close, he knows she has her own fear... but he will return; and with any luck and the warriors supporting them...the Drow witch will be no more when they pass through the gate from the Fae kingdom.

Pandora whispers to him..."tonight, will you make love to me; I want to feel every inch of you as close to me as possible." Ob grins... "Bruha, thats no problem for me... I always want to jump your bones, you are my woman." Pandora blushes and smiles up at him.... "and you are my husband and beloved dragon."

Jeb stops by to go over some last minute instructions with Ob; and Pandora joins Roxi in raiding the kitchen to make the guys a snack.  Pandora glances back over her shoulder and finds Obsidian's eyes following her... the promise of much to come in their depths.

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