Sunday, May 27, 2012

Morning light filters through the draperies as Ob stretches. He rolls slightly away from Pandora, watching her breasts move with each breath. Kissing her cheek, the Gargoyle nuzzles her hair to breth deeply of her personal scent. The herbal/floral scent of her shampoo settles something in him as it travels to his lungs. He can feel his heart swell, astounded at what she still does to him after their years together.

He strokes her ebony waves away from her face and kisses her temple before rising carefully. Pulling on a pair of saroulles, Ob quietly leaves their room to visit the nursery. One of Miko's brothers salutes from the doorsill, then edges back into shadow. Chloe and Teri are awake, waiting as Daddy walks into the room.

Ob lifts Teri from his crib and settles on the edge of his daughter's bed. The Nanny wakes, and slips out when Ob nods to her.

"Pa'pa? Are you really going with Tannr?" Chloe's eyes are large, her arms hold her doll tight. Ob moves, shifting his son so he can take his daughter's hand.

"The person who took Tante Tori is not a good person. She won't give up, *Gitanilla."

Chloe pauses. Her father can feel her mind turning thoughts round and round. She blinks once, looking at Teri. Her eyes meet her father's. The door opens quietly and Pandora moves up behind her husband. She strokes a hand through his wild mane before laying her cheek against the top of his head.

"Pa'pa? You will come home? Si?"

Ob leans down and kisses his little one's forehead. "I make you a promise mi Gitanilla. I will come home. One way or another, I will come home."

Absynthe crawls down from the headboard and jumps to Ob's shoulder. The she-dragon hums in his ear. Ob laughs. Chloe scrambles into his lap, wrapping her arms around his body as best she can.

"You be stone pa'pa. Stone don't get hurt like skin do. Tomas showed me. You be stone."

Ob hugs his children to him, wondering just what Tomas and Choe had done. Unbidden came an image, a memory of Chloe throwing a fireball at Tomas in his stone form. it takes Ob a moment to realise the perspective was not from Chloe, but from her little brother.

The toddler gurgles and claps his hands. Ob sees the fire bounce harmlessly from Tomas and, with a wave of her hand, Chloe banishes the fire. The Gargoyle shares the image with his wife and he can feel her swallow hard. Chloe looks up at her parents. "But mama' Wish was there. She wouldn't let anything happen to us. And we needs to practice!"

Ob sighs, turning his head to kiss whatever he can reach of Pandora. "She has a point, Bruha."

He urges Chloe back under her covers, tucks Teri back in his crib, and bids the children a good rest. The Nanny slips back into the room and Ob strolls back to their room, arm snug around his wife. Once in the room, Ob slips off his saroulles and heads for the balcony. Pandora follows him and he pulls her close, relishing her warmth and willingness. His hands roam her body and he sighs deeply, knowing she can feel his regret.

"I must will myself to stone earlier than usual. mi amor. I need to sleep as much as I can."

He tips her head back, kissing her deeply. breaking the kiss, Ob lets his lips drift against her, whispering soft words of adoration. Forcing himself away, he lets the stone seep through him. His thoughts carress Pandora's as he forces himself towards lethargy. Just before she feels his mind tumble into a deep sleep, pandora feels the warm embrace of his mind around hers. Soft words linger as he drifts away.

^Te amo, mi amor... Te amo... now and forever more.

*Little Gypsy

^I love you, my love... I love you...

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