Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good old vamp hearing... I overhear Drai say "chaos imp" and then my eyes are drawn to the only person who might merit that description. She's dressed neatly enough in well-worn leathers, patched at the stress points and stained as if by caustic chemicals. Her hair is shaggy and untidy - not a rat's nest or anything, but more like she has more important things to worry about. Looks like she cuts it herself, and I'm guessing she uses a knife.

Just looking at her, I can feel the restlessness, like an explosion barely held in check. Her mannerisms show it, too - pacing, doing things with her hands, running her fingers through her hair... her dark eyes are in constant motion, like the antenna of an insect, darting here, darting there, missing nothing. They're brown, like hot cocoa, with tiny red flecks throughout - like someone lightly sprinkled the cocoa with cinnamon. Once in a while a smile breaks loose, like she's fighting a compulsion to giggle. It's not comforting, it just adds to the overall impression of madness bubbling to the surface.

It's like watching a Mexican jumping bean on a hotplate, and after awhile I get tired, just watching her, and I want to look away - but I'm afraid of what she might do if she's not being watched. She looks like she might set the dumpster on fire, just for the hell of it, or shove a Roman candle up someone's ass and light it.

And this is one of the good guys?

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