Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ob lays a hand on Tori's shoulder and nods toward Keon. The Dark Lord pulls the hood of his cloak up, hiding his face. From the darkness of the hood, he flashes a brilliant smile.

"Come when you hear the pipes. We'll make sure the crossing is clear."

Tannr nods, knowing the Gate seemed closer than it really was. he kisses Tori deeply, telling her watch her tail. She grins and shifts. There is a grunt from someone and Guunnar's laugh rumbles.

Tori looks back over her shoulder as the other disappear into the trees. Ob looks back raising a reptilian brow. Tori nods once and turns back to slip ahead of her brother, but not before she shakes her goat tail at Tannr.

Pike waits on the trail. "Scouted ahead. Trail is clear until the deeper trees. Demi's watch further on."

Keon nods. Without another word the foursome ghost along the path. All is clear, no sign of anyone, or anything. Ob steps into the last clearing before the gate. Once he gives the all clear, Tori launches herself into the branches of a thickly leafed tree. Ob drifts into the shadows, Keon merging with the areas that morning has yet to touch. Pike scrambles up a tree across the path from the gargoyle and smiles as he hears the first notes of a familiar ballad.

Stoney looks around at the warriors who have hefted their packs and weapons. He lays a hand on Tannr's shoulder. His voice is thick, his french accent making the words almost unintelligible. "Come back to her Tannr. If you don't, she will come after you. Gods help us if she goes berserker..."

The group begins to melt into the shadows of the trees, leaving the civillians in the slowly brightening clearing. Tomas is suddenly airborne, darting after Tannr's group. Stoney just catches him, snagging him out of the air.

"Non Tomas. We stay and protect those here. We are the Home Guard. Do you understand?"

The little boy pouts. His lip thrust out stubbornly. Alise nods solemnly and offers, "We need to keep Tante Tori safe here, and watch over Tante Star."

Still pouting, Tomas sighs. "But I wanna help!"

Wish drops from a tree on the far side of the clearing. "Aye, ye are. Tis why we are here, little warrior. Someone needs to watch this side of things." She winks at Tomas and scrambles up a tree. "Come sit here Tomas. We will wait until yer aunt returns, and accompany her back to the cabin."She pats the limb she is perched on. "We will be her escort."

Stoney hides a grin and lets Tomas fly up to Wish, knowing she would keep him out of mischief. Alise shakes her head at Stoney's thought. Chiot... you do know she is the one who taught him how to build a fire and hide in the attic.

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