Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tannr pulls Tori into his arms. The darkness is just beginning to lift, shadows lightening. There was nothing left to say that had not been said between them. Tannr tips her face, taking in all the love he sees in her eyes and feels in her heart.

“This should only take a few days...”

Tori nods and lays her head on his chest, afraid to say anything, afraid the tears would start again and she didnt want Tannr to leave with the sight of her crying.

Tannr pulls her over towards the bed and shows her where a floor board had come lose. “This is where I keep a few things. Money and a few stones.. take what you want...”

“But I dont need...”

“I know you dont need it. But maybe the days will go by faster if you make some plans for the wedding, or take the little ones shopping. Maybe get something for the street kids that they need....”

Tori helps Tannr adjust the metal and leather vest, then hands him his sword. Once Tannr is ready, he takes Toris hand and kisses it. He silently leads her from the stables to the clearing and those assembled there.

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