Tuesday, May 1, 2012

After a few songs most of the instruments disappear back into the pack. Ike keeps a guitar and Keon the pipes and the music is quieter, calming the children as Star brings the ingredients for smores. Raina sits near the fire, leaning back between Nicks legs. She keeps a close eye on the kids and Alise. She knows Alise is worried about her youngest and the 'gift' for languages she seems to have. She sees Gracie glance over at her and Raina motions her over.

*“Njóta þinn skemmtun lítill einn?”

**“Já Föðursystir Raina. Þess mjög góður. Gera þú vilja sumir?” Gracie replies, holding up a half eaten smore with sticky fingers.

***“Neitun , en þakka þú.” Raina watches as Gracie nods and moves back to her siblings. Her and Nick exchange a look. “Crazy. How can she learn a language so fast? And difficult ones. Her accent is perfect...”

Raina pauses, lost in thought as Ramji approaches with Laila. “And why did you start singing in Croatian? Does she know that too?” Raina wanted some answers, knowing that Alise was going to have the same questions. And if she knew anything about how Alise felt about her children, someone had better have some kind of an answer for her.

*Enjoying your treat little one?

**Yes Aunt Raina. Its very good. Do you want some?

***No, but thank you.

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