Sunday, May 27, 2012

The soft trill of panpipes echoes through the dimness. The tune is clear, yet melancholy. If one listens closely, they will recognize a beloved Irish ballad. The "Minstral Boy" seems to drift among the vegetation, wrapping around trees, slipping among the abundant leaves of the low growth. The tune beckons to darker man shaped wraiths gliding through the shadows.

A spark of light flicks to the center of a narrow path of space. The light flickers, dimming to reveal a small fae with beetle wings. The sprite hovers for a moment then touches lightly down. His dark trews and tunic ripple in the breeze of his furiously beating wings. Warily he watches as a tall shadows emerges from the trees. The Sprite relaxes slightly, wings slowing to a smooth fanning, as he watches the first light of dawn shimmer over darkness.

Taking in the pitch black hooded cloak, the Sprite asks in a quiet voice. "Dark Lord or Assassin?" The hood is slid back just enough to show dark eyes, pointed ears and a shimmer of blue among midnight hair. The lesser fae bends a knee, carefully lowering himself in a courtly bow, eyes locked on the face above him.

"My Lord Bla..."

Keon raises a finger to his lips and the Sprite stops speaking. Keon motions for the Sprite to rise and as he gains his feet, the hood is slid back into place. The music drifts away, becoming silence. The Sprite smiles as other shadows move closer.

"You do not come alone." Keon smiles. "I am not coming back, for now. I guard this side of the Crossing for another."

The Sprite nods. "Allies await just within the Veil. Others guard the Underdark side of the veil." He glances at the dark treeline, small head cocking, eartips flicking. "There are others acattered among the Peoples, hidden, watching." The eartips twitch again. "Your Piper.. I am reminded of home..." Tears glisten, wings buzz. "With your leave, I will abide in the shadowed pass this side of the Veil until you need me to summon those waiting."

At Keon's nod, the Sprite bows from the waist and carefully backs away. Moments later there is a rustle and he is gone from sight. Keon watches silently then turns as Tori lands gently beside him. Tannr and Marc slip from the shelter of the trees.  the others wait, just inside the safety of the trees. The Dark Lord raises a brow at the trio.

"Looks like we have inside help."

Tori watches the brush. "Any ideas?"

Keon nods. "Star's Archers."

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