Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pandora is enjoying the evening; the gathering of family and friends is as boisterous as ever... and she forgets that part of the reason the men have gathered is to plan strategy to defeat the Drow witch. The appearance of Marc with Tanner is a grim reminder all is not as it should be, and her eyes search to make sure all the children are accounted for.

Pandora sighs..."I forget sometimes that our lives are not just normal"... Alise and the other women share her thoughts and for a moment all  eyes search for their children and loved ones. Pandora seeks to change the subject , so as not to dampen the mood... "Ike, I have been looking into Elemental magic for you; I think perhaps your skill may lie in raising fire, controlling the air and water... opening the earth to you... we should start some studies along that line. My mother had books in her collection; so we have only to read and see what you feel when you experiment with them. I can see that it would be useful in many cases to have someone who was strong in this field. Look how you used the air to thwart that spell gone wrong when Chloe got ahead of herself. " 

Ike seemed genuinely interested; and happy that Pandora had gone ahead and researched her request. The women returned to assorted subjects... watching the children play... and the men gather to talk. Pandora feels a little lurch in her stomach; she's having  a hard time dealing with the thought that Obsidian is going with the others, exposing himself to harm. She knows for the most part he bides his time and watches the home front... but this is for Tori... none of her kin will stand by and do nothing when she is so tortured by the fear that hids in the back of her mind. Ob was part of destroying the drow's sister... and he will see this through.

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