Tuesday, May 1, 2012

As Alise and Chiara were busy getting the childrens plates ready. Laila has the kids rounded up and is getting them seated at a childrens picnic table when the Shadowcat materializes right in front of Tomas and Ryan, startling them and causing them to fall over backwards off the bench and on the ground. The cat grins and settles himself on the tabletop amid the hysterical giggles coming from all the children.

Alise watches as Panther silently approaches the table and once within a foot of the smug looking feline on the table, she roars, startling the cat who jumps and hisses and with a 'popping' sound promptly disappears. At this point the kids are hysterical with laughter and the women have a hard time restoring order while laughing themselves. Tomas crawls back onto the bench and between giggles says, “Maman...Tante Stars cat farted...” Trying to keep a straight face and not even coming close, Alise gives up trying to scold Tomas and joins in the hilarity. The children all try to imitate the popping sound the cat makes when he appears and disappears.

As Star laughs and calls for her kitty she sees a demifae enter the clearing and flit around, obviously looking for someone. Mya takes it upon herself to intercept and find out who the newcomer is and what he wants. After a fast high pitched conversation Mya leads the demifae over to the fire pits, where several of the men, lead by Gunnaar are carving meat and loading up huge platters. They flit near the men for a few seconds and losing patience with not being noticed right away Mya whistles, long and loud.

Gunnaar grimaces. “Vat in all de gods names was dat racket? Mine ears... I tink dey are broken now...”

Tannr laughs and turns to the little fae. “Can we help you Mya?” Mya nods, “Message from Captain. Waiting for you. Not wanting to be supper for Hounds...” and she pushes the messenger fae closer to Tannr so he could get the details.

Grinning Tannr thanks the fae and offers a meal which Mya says she will see to. He finds Tori talking with her brothers and Raina. He explains that he is going to get Marc who is waiting nearby.

Tori steps into his arms, “Be careful Coppertop. Take one of the hounds with you..”

Raina whistles for Panther. “Take her with you, then maybe the kids will settle down...” Tannr laughs as he turns and heads into the woods, the black cat a shadow behind him...

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