Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tori hands Ob back his clothes and stalks across the clearing to Tannr. His hands slide over her shoulders, skimming over the dry smoothness of her scaled form. Her body presses against his and he can feel the plushness of the hair on her goat legs as she steps into his arms. She rests her head against his, forehead to forehead, and sighs.

He groans softly as she changes. His hands slide down her back, molding him to her as her chimeric form turns to lean muscled flesh. Her hair tickles as it softens from rigid scale. Her arms slide around his waist as Tannr's move even lower, finding bare ass. he raises a brow at her, knowing she doesn't do casual nudity, even though her clothes are sometimes just this side of indecent.

Everyone can see...

Tori gives him a small, wicked grin. Just my backside. I think I am glad, for the moment, that I am... less than endowed. She heads off the body lecture she can feel coming. Come back to me, Coppertop. Don't make me come there and go Chimeric on that Drow Bitch's ass. 

She closes her eyes and kisses him, gently at first, then fiercely. Breaking the kiss, Tori leans back a little to run her gaze over his face, as if committing it to memory. Small flames flicker in her green eyes as she cups his face in her slim hands. "I wish..."

"Red, you know why."

She nods. "Just make sure..."

There is a touch at her hip and Pike hands her Ob's oversized T-shirt. She steps back and pulls it over her head, noting those who stare openly, and those that try to hide their interest. Ob's hand falls on her shoulder and she turns to hug the stone dragon. He whispers something in her ear and she gives him a half smile. Tori nods.

Keon is talking to the Sprite. It is watching Tori and Tannr with interest. Moments later it turns and darts through the Veil. Ob grins at Tannr.

"Looks like it is time... Why does this suddenly feel like an episode of Stargate?"

He looks at the group, noting Pike and Keon standing nearer the Gate. "Well, brother to be... shall we?"

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