Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Star smiles at the boys, wondering if Ru would be like them when he was older. She turns to Eite, sensing her sadness, “Can you give me the recipe for the salad? I love it and so does Mera...”

As the women visit Star watches as Tannr returns, a tall powerfully built man with him. They all watch as Tannr introduces the man to Tori first, then to Erik and the rest of the family. The children taking note of the stranger move closer to the adults, watching quietly. Tomas, ever the more curious of the bunch, climbs in his mothers lap.

“Maman.. who is that?” “I dont know... we will have to wait until Tannr introduces us.” Alise replies. Tomas fidgets then suddenly asks. “Can we make a fire?”

“A fire? You wish to roast the man?” Alise teases.

'Nooo, maman...” Tomas and Ryan are overcome with giggles. Gracie claps happily and says with a big smile “Smores!” Star stands with Ru, “I think Erik is looking for me. I will ask about the fire...” Star runs a hand over Tomas' head, “I am sure it will be fine.”

The children are wary of the stranger until Tannr brings him close. Tannr introduces each of them to Marc and gradually they relax and Tomas starts to ask questions until Alise hushes him. “But maman...”

“No buts Tomas. There will be time for all your questions later. Let Marc meet us all and get something to eat.”

“He talks like you do...” Tomas was referring to Marcs accent which Alise had wondered about too, but was too polite to ask right after being introduced to the man. Alise thought he looked foreboding, as large as Tannr but darker skinned with black hair and eyes. A dark scar that ran the length of his jaw made him look all the more dangerous. Chaton... Tannr trusts this man... more than trusts him if he was his second in command for so many years.... I dont think we have anything to worry about...

Alise smiles, knowing Stoney would pick up on her thoughts. I know. Its just that he looks... I dont know the right word....*menacer ?  

He does, but the children arent afraid, only hesitant and curious about Tannrs friend. And you know Tara picks up on anything as does Raina... As Alise looks up she sees Marc speaking to Chiara and the womans face blush a dark pink at whatever was said to her. Alise turns at a distinct strangling sound and sees Drai, his face redder than Chiaras and Ky smiling innocently after jamming an elbow into her brothers side.


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