Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pandora is enjoying herself immensely, the boys are captivated with the new toys... and the girls with running in the wind, the beautiful scarves from Chiara blowing out behind them.... telling where they are with their different colors. Pandora has been getting to know Chiara a little better; she is not only talented with weaving and sewing... but she is as clever and knowledgeable as she is pretty. Pandora is thinking that Chloe would greatly benefit from schooling with the others and Jeb never can find enough to do with himself during the day while Roxi works, so she knows she could count on him to take Chloe to the Manse cottage. Alise concurred that the more participants there were the better they might get the lessons across... the children seemed to have such diverse ways of looking at things that it would be good to hear them give their own takes on the subjects. The young boys; Ru and Teri... could start off with some things the mothers might teach them... then graduate to sessions with Chiara, She had some good advise from the elder Fae the queen sent ,on the proper way to school them.

The men of course would have a hand in teaching the boys the warriors skills as they grew older...   although Tomas was ready to carry a sword now if they'd let him. Pandora chuckled; Teri was just starting a wobbly walking step...most of the time he held on to something for support... but he was fascinated with the ugly hellhounds; especially Trooper, as he was the one usually in closest proximity to the house. He let go of the bench he was close to and took off toward the hound... Trooper opened an eye and then played dead... hoping the child would lose interest. Teri squealed in delight as he ran full tilt into the hound, the animal looking at him as if trying to figure what you do with a boy child. Teri felt the rough bristly hair of the hounds face...  and looked right into Troopers eyes...it seemed the two were locked in a gaze for quite awhile... and then to Pandora's surprise the great hulking animal nuzzled Teri and he slid down to perch between the hounds paws... leaning against the gruesome animal as if he were a household pet. Teri seemed content there between the animal's front paws; and stroked the grizzled muzzle as he watched the men working on the food carving. Ob glanced over... saw his son; and sent to Pandora... I think our daemon son has found a kindred spirit; the hound apparently feels the connection.

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