Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tannr nods and his smile starts to fade, the warrior coming to the surface. He runs his hand softly down the side of Toris face and sends to her...

I'm coming back, and I'm marrying you, nothing in this or any realm is going to stop me...

The men start moving through the gate. As Tannr approaches it with Marc he turns and looks at Tori, committing every detail to memory.

Tori takes a deep breath, trying to steady her emotions, not wanting to appear weak even to her sib.

Keon watches the men disappear through the gate. As Tannr passes by him he says, “We will be waiting. Watch your back, trust your instincts. We'll keep watch..”

Tannr nods and disappears behind Marc. The gate shimmers for a moment then starts to fade. In seconds it dissolves as if it were never there.

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