Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The waitress heads for the stairs with the tray for Ron's room. As she reaches the first landing of the staircase, Ty vaults the railing, landing lightly in front of her. Marc slips up behind her and carefully pulls the tray from her hands as Ty cups her face.The waitress seems mesmerized as the handsome weretiger claims her mouth in a deep searching kiss.

Toby moves past the couple and takes the tray from Marc. He heads up the stairs as Ty lets the waitress sink into Marc's arms. The werewolf eases her back up on her feet and helps her back down to the main floor. Ty follows Toby up the stairs, hiding a wicked smile.

Marc joins them moments later. "You better take her out. If you don't, I'm going to wring your neck myself. She's friends with my half sister."

Ty grins. "I will. When we come back down I'll get her number. What a kiss... makes a guy wonder what else she is good at..."

Toby sighs and nudges at Ron's room door with the toe of his boot. Marc reaches past him and turns the knob. Turning around, the cougar backs into the room with Ron's tray. "You are such a slut. One day the perfect woman is going to walk away because you can't control your hunger."

Marc laughs. "It's not his hungers this tiger can't control."

Ty flexes his biceps. "You know what they say guys... This Tiger knows how to make it grrrreeeeaAAAAAT!" His words stop as the scent of herbs and astringent hits his nose.

Toby turns his head at the sudden silence, and blushes a brilliant shade of red.

"Evenin' Miss Rowan."

He sets the tray on the dresser and moves aside as his friends step through the doorway, embarrassed by their behavior.

Rowan smiles, gathering her bag. "I'll leave you boys to visit. Don't tire him out." She closes the door behind her, eyes dancing at the boys' discomfort at being overheard by an elder. Shifters... More respect in many cases, less understanding in others. Rowan laughs again, stowing her bag in a hall closet before making her way down to the bar for a drink.

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