Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alise smiles and stifles the giggle that almost escapes. She doesnt want to make Ron feel worse, after all, there was a time not so long ago that she would have been just as embarrassed. She sends to Stoney, Chiot... please ask Monty if he has a pair of boxers for Ron. He is mortified to be naked under his sheet in front of us.. .I will come down in a minute....

She hears Stoney chuckle and tells Ron she will find him something to wear...

Raina is sitting at the bar, nursing a drink and watching the patrons. She still feels uneasy, there is a quiet, an expectancy to the energy in Exton but not in a good way. Couples are dancing, the shifter kids have overtaken a couple of tables, waiting to hear about their friend, more couples having a late meal. She watches as the detective comes in and looks around. Raina smiles, Gods, am I glad Tannr and Tori are gone for the evening... I thought Tannr was going to kill him the first time he came nosing in here...

She smiles as Alise comes down the stairs and makes a beeline for her husband. Stoney greets her with a kiss and after a few hushed words; they go to the bar to speak with Monty. Shortly a tray appears, juice, broth and a folded pair of boxers are ready to be sent up with a waitress. Alise goes to the shifters table and speaks briefly with them before returning to her husband.

Stoney takes her by the hand and taking a seat at their usual table he pulls her into his lap. Raina tries to look away and cant, her eyes glued to the sight of Stoney running his hand through Alises hair and up her back. He pulls her close and nuzzles her neck making Alises eyes darken with passion and half close. As Raina watches her own eyes darken, her thoughts swirling and imagination running. When Alise senses someone watching her she opens her eyes wider to see Raina staring at her, the lust unmistakable in her expression. They watch each other as Stoneys hands roam and Alise shivers, Stoney growing more bold as he realizes what is going on from his wifes thoughts.

Raina can feel herself getting hot and wet and takes a long drink from her glass, her eyes never leaving the couple. She nods when Monty asks if she needs a refill.

On the dance floor Nick and Ky are noticing Raina too and Ky asks whats up.

Nick shrugs and replies, “I think those two have had the hots for each other for some time but it just hasnt worked out.”

“Well, damn... she used to give us such a bad time about dancing around each other. She needs to take her own advice....”

Nick smiles, “Its a bit more complicated with those two. Alise scared her to death when they first met and she is obviously very much in love with her husband...”

Ky stops dead in the middle of the song. “Hang on Lover. I'll be back.”

Laughing Nick moves to a table, getting used to Ky's spontaneity has taken everyone at the Lodge some time to get used to. But it was part of what everyone loved about her, that and her bluntness that was almost childlike, she tended to say what she thought, when she thought it.

Ky approaches Raina from behind and wraps her arms around her, kissing her bare shoulder and glancing over at Alise. “Why dont you just tell her how much you want her?”

Raina startles a bit and looks at Ky. “And just how do you know what I want?” She asks, half teasing.

“Its as plain as the nose on your face. A baby could see it.. Seriously, why not? Looks to me like she feels the same....”

Raina sighs, “She is married, and committed to her husband. She's never been with a woman, I wouldnt want anything to ruin our friendship...”

“So, just talk to both of them and lay it all out. If anyone has any doubts then dont do it. But you never know, and its sounds incredibly erotic to me. Doing a woman for the first time while her husband watches. Think how turned on he would be... Hmmm... maybe we should go home and practice. We can fuck each other silly and make the guys watch...”

Laughing, Raina tells her, “Go back to your dancing. And yes, later, that sounds interesting. But good luck getting Nick and Gareth to agree to that one.”

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