Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As Tori opens the door to the nursery she smiles at her brothers and Alise, then her eyes move to the large bed. Tannr was sitting on the edge, four little faces watching him so intently they werent aware of her entering the room. Mouths in 'O's" and eyes wide the children listened to Tannrs tales of the nine worlds and how they were all connected by the world tree called Yggdrasil and that rainbows can act as bridges from one world to the next. He told them of some of the animals, Geri and Freki, Odin's wolves, Sleipnir, Odin's eight-legged horse and Ratatoskr, the squirrel that plays in the branches of Yggdrasil. Huginn and Muninn are the two ravens belonging to Odin who keep him imformed of all the goings on of everyone else.

At this point Gracie points to Tannrs arm, where his Raven gives his feathers a slight ruffle. Tannr laughs, "Little one, this is my Raven, not one of Odins, but I imagine they look much the same.."

Tomas grins and asks "Monsters?" and holds up Godzilla.

"There is the giant sea monster Jormungandr, who will take entire ships to the bottom of the ocean... I will tell you a tale of his next time..." Tannr reaches out and ruffles the boys hair, "And maybe a story of the Alfar for your sisters."

Gracie was trying hard to say the new word, "Alf...Al..."

"Alfar....fairies...." Tannr explains.

A collective "Ohh ..." from the girls and images of Star sent to their parents that of course Tannr could not see.

Tori laughs and approaches the bed for hugs and good night kisses. Tannr can tell by the pauses in their conversation that much of it is taking place mentally and he envies the closeness and security this affords the family, especially for the little ones.

Suddenly he is wrapped in a bear hug from all directions, the children laughing and trying to knock him over. Hugs all around and Stoney tells them its time to settle down.

Tannr and Tori wish them good night and leave to let the parents settle them in for the night.

In the hallway, Tannr pulls Tori close and she asks “Is something wrong?”

“No. Not at all. Its just that I am... well... amazed that the kids are so accepting...”

Tori laughs, “Actually, they arent. Gargoyle children are very perceptive from a very early age. If they felt that you meant any of us harm, or that you werent sincere, trust me, they wouldnt go anywhere near you.”

“But they cant read my thoughts...”

“No, not exactly. But they can feel emotions and intentions, especially Tara being an empath as well as half gargoyle. And everything she feels gets sent to her twin. Who, bless his little heart, is an open book, much like his father.” Tori smiles, remembering some of the things that Stoney had neglected to shield from his sibs,

Tannr runs a finger down the side of Toris face. Gods, I love her so much...

Tori smiles and struggles to control the expression on her face, still not sure if she is actually hearing him or is just imagining things she wants to hear.

“Lets go eat, Coppertop. I'm starved.” as Tori takes his hand.

Laughing, Tannr lets her lead him to the stairs and down to the common room.

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