Friday, June 10, 2011

Pandora had the uncanny feeling that the baby was much closer to birth than most people were calculating; she wandered over to chat with Rowan..."Rowan, the babe; he is really restless.. and I feel he is dropping a lot, could he come sooner than we thought.?"

Pandora was seeing the auras growing brighter around people as the eclipse grew closer; she was sharing Rowan's sense of unease; and it seemed that her mind was being probed incessantly by her son... was he trying to tell her he was coming? Pandora searched the room and found Ob talking with some of the musicians... and wandered his direction.

"I need to talk with you, it need only take a moment." Ob laughed and said.."Bruha; my attention is yours my love." Pandora smiled up at him and said.."Have you given any thought to our son's name??... I think he may be here earlier than you think." Ob's surprise at her question was evident, and he stuttered to say... "I'll start thinking Pandora; have you any ideas?" Pandora looked adoringly into his eyes and said..."I want him to have a name from your home... your people... he will carry your seed on; it should be a name of the desert."... Ob looked into Pandora's eyes and drew her close to him; his hands twined in her hair as his heart swelled with love for her and their children.

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