Friday, June 10, 2011

Raina watched the couples dancing from her seat next to Rowan, having joined her and Jack for a drink. She chuckled softly at her brother and Tori, so totally engrossed with each other that Ike took over singing.

She looks to Rowan, “What is it about this place? We have all found love here, acceptance, respect. Is it just the 'others' or those of us who arent quite human? Or do you feel it too?”

Rowans mind had been swirling with thoughts of her own, watching Tannrs and Toris auras. She shrugs at Rainas questions.

“I'm not sure, to tell you the truth. And yes, I feel it too. It probably does have something to do with acceptance and not limiting yourself to a preconceived notion of whats perfect for you. I am sure Tannr never in his wildest dreams thought he'd fall so hard and for a gargoyle.” Rowan laughs, “And you... did you ever think you would be in love with a vampire and have an 'extended family' so to speak? One that consisted of a fae that you hated on sight initially and a wyldfae?”

Raina grins, “You're right. Its unconventional and no one here thinks anything is wrong with it. But some other towns...”

Rowan leans back as her glance takes in the crowd. She sips her whiskey and mouths a short prayer for protection to the Goddess. Noticing Jack and Raina looking at her with puzzled expressions on their faces, she smiles and says, “Its the energy in here tonight. Its strange, different, almost expectant. But I dont know of what...”

“Now that you mention it....” Rainas words trail off as she in turn scans the crowd.

“Maybe its just the eclipse coming up in a few days, sometimes that'll do it..” Rowan finishes her drink and looks to Raina again.

“Do you know anything about the gargoyles?”

Startled at the change in subject Raina glances at Jack first who gives the slightest of shrugs, letting Raina know Rowan didnt ask him before she sat down with them.

“Just what Alise has told me and well, the basics I guess that most everyone here knows. Why?”

“Tori. Is she a full gargoyle or partly human?”

“I dont know for sure. I thought Stoney was the only full blooded gar of the bunch, but I could be wrong..”

“Do you know if gargoyles can be reincarnated?”

“Rowan! What the hell?” Raina starts to laugh. “I dont know. Would you like me to go ask her?”

“Oh no. That would be rude. I was just wondering if you knew.”

WHY?” Both Raina and Jack ask at the same time.

Rowan glaces back to Tannr, still holding Tori on his lap, one arm around her waist, the other hand softly stroking Toris face.

“Well...its their auras.” At the puzzled looks on her companions face Rowan tries to explain. “Stoney and Alise... when they are together their auras are a moving living thing. Blending and flowing together, an endless mix of patterns and light, its beautiful. When Laila and Star are together, theirs are much the same way. I am fairly certain that its because they have been reincarnated and knew each other centuries ago. With Alise and Stoney I wasnt sure and just put it down to their great love for one another. But now I see it with Tannr and Tori too. So I was just wondering. I was thinking maybe it happened when souls met that have loved before, but I'm not sure...”

As Raina opens her mouth to ask a question Rowan says, “And no I dont see it with you or Erik, but not with Ike either. Only those three couples...not that Star and Laila are actually 'a couple'...”

“Hmm..that is strange...” Rainas thoughts are interrupted by Ky, stopping and leaning over the back of Rainas chair to give her a hug on her way out to the dance floor.

Rowan shakes her head as if to clear it. “Anyway... back to the eclipse. I think it wouldnt hurt for everyone to be extra vigilant on that night, just in case.”

Raina stands and nods. “I'll let everyone know...”

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