Friday, June 10, 2011

Byte has done exactly what he said. He spread the word. Musicians from all over Exton have arrived at the Tavern. A man arrives at the door, his words heavily accented. When Jeb cannot understand him, the man opens a case, revealing a violin. He tucks it under his chin and begins to play.

The music is lively, a wild run of notes that brings to mind the folk music of Russia. The man on the bongos changes his beat slightly, adapting to the merry tune. Jeb lets the man by as Monty pulls up a stool for the newcomer. Ike catches a whiff of his scent. Human, full human... and not even phased by those who let their Otherness show.

The sound of bagpipes joins in. Torrent is seated on the corner of the stage, where he wasn't mere moments before. Nimble brown fingers flying along the chanter. His eyes are sparkling, something that has been missing since Grace passed over.

The vocalist from earlier slides onto a stool at the bar. Another full human... The girl leans back, listening to the music. Ike smiles as she collects a kiss from Monty. The girl watches, a shaped brow rising as she notes the rosebud that magically appears between his fingers. He strokes the soft petals along Ike's cheek and smiles again, kissing her gently. The woman turns her eyes to the patrons of the bar, clearly enjoying being right where she is.

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