Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The lock makes a final click as Tori turns the key. It had been a profitable night and she had taken time to secure the days reciepts in the new safe. She salutes. To anyone watching, it is as if she is saluting the end of the day. The cat in the second floor window nods slowly. Guard on duty...

Tori shoulders her shoulder bag, the laptop a familiar weight. Stoney told her about the missing member of their favorite college group. She keeps her eyes peeled for something red and furry. She liked the kid. Empathized with him actually. Her mind goes back to the one person she thought would be with her forever. Shaking her head, Tori pushes the memory away.

Something tingles along her senses. A spell? Yes, but not against her. She feels a glamour, a harmless casting to keep someone from seeing their true form. Then again... welcome to Exton. Most here had some feature they wanted to hide from the human world. It almost feels as if someone is watching her.

Tori lets her mind seek out anyone spying, but the sensation is gone. She resumes her route, stride taking on a more paced stride. Before she knows it, she is at the Tavern door. Turning once more to survey the night, Tori sighs as a Hell Hound slips from the alley. She hides a smile as she opens the door... paranoid much? Jeb winks at her as she enters.

"Your boyfriends are waiting upstairs."

Tori blows the werewolf a kiss and heads for the stairs already well aware of her nephew's impatience.

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