Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pandora is grateful that Alise and the kids are here; now that they know Ron is in trouble the men are going to be scouring the alleys in search of him and she is glad for the company. Alise understands only too well the final slow cumbersome  weeks before a baby's birth.

While Alise struggles to find a clue as to Ron's plight... Pandora sits quietly; the children are playing, and she feels her son struggling to touch her mind..."mama"... the gentlest brush against her cheek... she opens her eyes expecting to see Chloe; but there is no one there... again the soft brush, and she realizes her son has broken through.... he is communicating with her.

Pandora looks up and glances round for Ob; finding him across the room with the boys.... but he is staring at her... grinning in a way that tells her he heard their son. She smiles back and slides her hand gently over her stomach, feeling her son move and she says to him... "soon my son, I feel you are coming soon, we love you and wait for you."

Chloe runs excitedly to her side... "mama; we were in Tomas' tent; and my baby brother touched us "... she grins and turns, doll in hand and rushes back to the other children.

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