Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raina shivers at the warm caress of Ky's breath along the curve of her ear. "So... I'm Alise. What are you going to do to make me want you?"

Sighing at the soft feel of Ky's breath against the skin of her neck Raina closes her eyes. When she opens them again she sees Alise standing, Stoney rising to join Keon and Eik.

Raina stands too, quickly, startling Ky. She wonders if she has gone too far, if mentioning Alise were something she wasnt suppose to talk about with Raina. But when their eyes meet Ky sees the longing, the lust in the emerald green pools.

Raina takes a few steps towards Ky, forcing her back against the wall. Her hands start at Kys hips and slowly move upward, feeling the curves. Raina kisses Ky, slowly at first, her tongue barely tracing the outline of Ky's lips.

Pressing closer, Raina pushes a knee against Ky's legs, forcing them apart, her hands move to the sides of Ky's breasts, making her shudder. Gasping as kisses trail down her neck Ky grabs Raina hard getting her attention.

She buries her hands in the long ebony tresses, “Damn woman. I hope you are planning on coming home tonight...”

Raina kisses her again, more gently and tenderly, then smiles, “Well you did ask....”

Returning the smile and trying to catch her breath, Ky replies, “Yeah, I guess I did.”

Touching her face lightly Raina leans close, “I'll be back in a few...”

Moving over to the family table where Alise is sitting, her eyes wide as saucers, Raina takes a seat next to her. She notices Alise is breathing a little heavier, whether from watching her and Ky or from Stoneys attentions Raina isnt sure.

Alise smiles, always happy to see Raina. “Bon soir Raina.”

“Hey... I wanted to tell you something...” Raina reaches over and pushes the heavy gold tresses away from Alises face. She runs her hand through her hair and down the back of her neck, watching Alise shiver.

“I dont want to embarrass you in public... but you know you and Stoney are always welcome in our home...  Anytime...”

She leans close to Alise's ear and whispers: "and in my bed...."

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