Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rowan sighs as she watches the IV fluid with the antibiotic slowly drip into the chamber and down the tubing.

Ron had slowly returned to his human form when they got him settled in a room at the tavern, almost as if he had known he was finally being cared for. Sweeney and Mole had stopped by and didnt really have any new information for Rowan. She knew infection would be setting in if he had been scratched by a ghoul. She had washed him, treated the gash on his arm and started the antibiotic. Now it was a matter of waiting, she had done all she could and it was in the hands of the Goddess.

She turns at the sound of tapping on the door and Alise comes in, carrying a tray. “This is for you... and do not argue with me. If you intend to sit with him, you need to eat.” Alise set the tray down and knelt by the bed. “Poor boy. He has been through so much. My heart breaks to see him like this...” Alise slipped the dolphin pendant over her neck and gently places it around Rons. She carefully pushes his hair away from his face and sighs. “I wonder what happened to him? Why didnt he get help sooner?”

“I dont know, but I am sure he will tell us when he is better. I would think once the antibiotic takes hold...” Rowan sighs and Alise stands and gives her a hug.

“You need a break, you work non-stop taking care of all of us...”

Shaking her head Rowan replies, “It would be lovely, but not now. Star isnt able to take over for me just yet and theres no one else. Pandora will have her baby soon, and I am so uneasy about this eclipse. I dont know why. I've prayed... and meditated....” Rowan shrugs, “What has Monty made? It smells delicious...”

Alise wasnt fooled by the abrupt change of subject. She sends to Stoney, Something is going on Remi... she isnt the only one uneasy. So is Raina and she says she can feel it from some of the others. Pandora thinks the little one is ready to come and it is a bit early, some of the Riders are on edge. I dont understand... We have had eclipses before... why is this one different?

Stoney can feel a sudden stillness, a quiet in his wife. What is wrong Chaton? Should I come up?

Nothing is wrong, mon amour. Rons girl friend is here, watching over him... She is so beautiful, I wish he could see her...

Alises eyes fill with tears, remembering the horrible way the girl had died, at the hands of Jean-Marc and his werewolves. She watches as the girl with the dolphin tattoos hovers near the bed, the love and concern for Ron plain on her face.

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