Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alise barely moves as Stoney plucks their son from his mother's arms. He grins at Tannr.

"It works, mon ami, because she is a wonderful mother, a talented woman, and we have a fantastique nanny." He tickles Tomas' belly, making the little boy laugh. His wings snap wide and he laughs even harder. Stoney taps a finger on his forehead. "Bedtime, *chien petit guerrier. I promise. I will send Tante Tori to check on you."

Wings furl as Tomas pouts."How about if Tannr helps take you all up to the nursery?"

The pout disappears and Tomas holds his arms out to Tannr. The worried expression on Tannr's face disappears as he heads to the stairs with Tomas, Ob close behind with Chloe. The wildhaired gargoyle pauses a few minutes with his wife so Chloe can say good night to Mamacita, and to touch her brother.

Chloe giggles, then waves to the family. Ob kisses Pandora, telling her to keep her feet up. Once Chloe is settled, he will be right down. Absynthe nuzzles Pandora then soars across the room. She hovers above the landing, waiting on the others. Alise and Laila gather the girls let them bid goodnight. Soon they are up the stairs.

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