Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keon passed Ron's information on to those of us who were there last night, leaving a written report for Tori. She'll take care of informing anyone who wasn't there at the time. We talked - argued, mostly - about plans to deal with the ghouls, now that we know their new strategy. Still, we didn't really come to a consensus yet; by the time we called it a night, the sun was almost on the horizon and Nick had to fly to beat it home. The rest of us followed at a more leisurely pace, too tired even for bedtime games.

Raina joined us this morning, Nick having already gone to his darkroom to sleep the day away, and after we woke up, we managed to while away a few hours before adjourning to the shower... I don't know who designed this place, but the showers are huge, more than enough room for three people, or even four.... Good thing vamps don't really have problems with running water....

After breakfast (which is actually brunch), we go our own ways until Nick wakes. Ky goes to her salle to work out; I go to the garden, just to relax and maybe putter around a bit; and Raina? I think Raina's going to take a nap; she was tossing and turning and moaning a lot this morning. I wonder what she was dreaming about?

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