Friday, June 10, 2011

Later that evening when Tannr and Tori arrive at the Tavern, the family has just finished supper at their usual table near the back of the room. Tomas and Chloe are busy comparing wings, Laila is holding Gracie who is contentedly watching everything around her. Raina is whispering something to a serious looking Tara who blushes and lowers her gaze when Tannr smiles at her.

“I think that little one has a crush on you...” Tori laughs.

Tannr grins in return and approaches the table, hand in hand with Tori. Tomas turns and runs right into the pair.

He stretches his arms up, wanting Tannr to lift him. Tannr hands the large shopping bag he carried in to Tori and scoops Tomas up, tossing him towards the ceiling and catching him, and Tomas screams and laughs with happiness.

“Again... do again...”

This time Tomas lets his wings carry him so he hovers just above Tannr instead of falling back down into his arms. Tannr laughs and grabs a foot.

“Come here, imp. I have something for you.”

Tannr reaches into the bag and pulls out something dark green. Tomas looks to Tori, who shrugs her shoulders.

“Hold your arm out...”

With one arm wrapped around Tannrs neck, Tomas holds the other out, squirming in his impatience to see what Tannr has.

Tannr places a large Godzilla puppet on the little boys arm. Made for a larger child it is almost the length of Tomas' arm but his huge smile tells Tannr it doesnt matter. Tomas loves the monster and its big teeth and claws, his little hand making the monsters mouth open and close.

Maman, Papan, Look... Tannr gived it to me....

Tori laughs and tells Tannr, “I think he likes it..”

“Now you can have battles with Batman and Godzilla..”

Tomas nods, and before he wiggles out of Tannr arms, lays a head on his shoulder and whispers, “Merci...” Then he is off and running, looking for his Batman to start a new battle.

Tannr hands Gracie, then Chloe each a doll. Made by a craftswoman near the outside vendor where Tannr gets his spicy lunches, the dolls are soft and look like the girls. Gracie's has curly brown hair and brown eyes. Chloe's has a small set of wings that sets her to joyous squealing when she sees it.

“Papa! Mama! She like me!” and she runs to show them her doll.

Tannr takes the last doll out of the bag and goes to Raina, still holding Tara. Tara smiles shyly and lowers her head to Rainas shoulder. Tannr grins and hands her the doll. Tara holds it out at arms length for a moment before hugging it close. Raina was amazed at the likeness, the dark curls and lavender eyes, even the dresses on the dolls looked like something the girls would wear.

“Tannr, where did you find someone to make these? They're beautiful...”

As Tannr explains to Raina, Alise approaches and it is obvious her and Tara are communicating with their minds.

After a few moments of silence Alise says, “Tannr does not hear with his mind like Tori, you must tell him out loud, ma petite.

Tara looks from her mother to Tannr and back again. Then she hands her doll to Alise and reaches toward Tannr, leaning away from Rainas arms.

Tannr takes her and Tara wraps her small arms around his neck. “*J'aime ma poupée, merci beaucoup...

Kissing the soft curls Tannr whispers, “**Vous avez ans très le bienvenu et petit.

Tannr thoughts swirl, This is what I want with Tori, a life of laughter and love, family, children...

Toris head snaps up, not sure if she actually heard Tannrs thoughts or was picking up on Taras feelings or just her own imagination. She looks to her sibs to see if they heard anything. Stoney was talking to Laila, admiring Gracies doll, and Ike was at the bar with Monty. Ob was looking at her but then quickly looked away when Toris glance went his way.

What did you hear Obsidian?

Not a thing, sister, not a thing.... but his grin made her wonder...

*I love my doll, thank you very much

**you are very welcome, little one.

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